Educators today are the building blocks for all great industries. They lay the much needed foundation of knowledge for students to build upon and begin their journey towards successful careers. A CS-STEM certification gives educators a heightened ability to ensure their students' achievements and results.

Carnegie Mellon Robotics Academy

Many classroom robotics teachers have never been officially trained to teach robotics. This project partners with Carnegie Mellon’s Robotics Academy, a world leader in educational robotics, to certify teachers. A Carnegie Mellon Robotics Academy teacher certification verifies that a teacher knows the content and has the pedagogical skills to deliver the content. For more information, go to Robotics Academy's Website

Robotics Academy Certified Instructor

A "Robotics Academy Certified Instructor" is officially certified by Carnegie Mellon's Robotics Academy, a world leader in robotics education. The certification will provide an official and public recognition of your competencies and capabilities to teach, program, and troubleshoot educational robots.

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