Best Funny Videos Compilation 2016

Have you ever seen someone crash or doing silly things while   Well, thanks to trolling station as they have compiled a video of some...

The Difference between US and UK Ebola News Coverage

Russell Howard's has come this time with difference in the way they UK calmly spreads the news about Ebola and how the americans spread...

Black Friday in the UK vs USA

Russell looks at the turnout for Black Friday in UK vs US and a keen shopper who became an internet sensation.  The way the...

Mock the week – The Most Offensive Jokes Montage

Mock the Week is one of my favourite TV shows ever, and no doubt does it contain some of the darkest yet funniest jokes...

John Cleese’s Hilarious Donald Trump Rant

Watch John Clesses's Hilarious reaction about Donald Trump and the way he is governing the country.