Ways To Survive A Sick Parenting Day

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Whoever said that parenting is not akin to being on duty! Can someone understand the effort that goes into it? If you don’t, then you are a university nerd who hasn’t seen life beyond books of all shapes.

Honestly, parenting is a job that you are obligated to do with no pay. There is no option of volunteering. You simply ought to do it because you have a responsibility towards your children. Yes, we love our children, but parenting? It’s hard. Especially on days when you feel a million bacteria playing rugby right inside your head, and you wonder if they are on the verge of pounding their way out. Or on the days when your sneezes seem so incessant, that the floor almost explodes, and so does your nose!

Amidst such days how do you think parenting one’s child might look? The worse is there is no way you can take sick leave. You are a mama taking care of your children. You had passed the phase when you were a child, and your mama would fetch you hot soups right into your hands. Can your tiny doing the same all by yourself? Here’s what you need to do in order to survive a sick parenting day:

1. Chuck Out Your Plans For The Day:

It’s mama who is sick. But your child still doesn’t have to go to school. Who wants to take the pains to make breakfast, lunch, drop the kid to school or the bus stop, fetch him back from school, help with homework, check on what he did during the day, prepare a snack, play with your child, give a warm bath, read a story, and put the child to bed! Even the list exhausting! It can be maddening. It is a day when you can forget everything. Ask your child to do what he wants to do while you catch up with all the rest that you need.

2. Let Your Kids Know How You Are Feeling:

They need to understand that mamas do fall sick too and that not all days are alike. Ask them to keep their volumes low. They would understand that today is not quiz day, and they cannot ask you whatever they feel like. Their curiosities can wait until you are well. It’s neither a time for information overload on the kids nor is it your time of sensory overload. Your child should also understand why you seem to act a little different today. To prevent them from getting into anxiety about things being unusual today, bribe them into something for being nice and staying calm.

3. Keep Your Menu Simple For The Day:

Frozen foods? It’s ok to indulge in some today. Reheat stuff that serves as brunch. Keep stuff like fruits, granola bars, and cottage cheese handy. You children should be more than happy to prepare their own peanut-butter sandwiches and indulge in some safe cooking. It would be their mini picnic right at home.

4. It’s Good To Have Sofa-Cum-Beds This Time Around:

You might want to keep an eye on children while you take rest. You certainly can’t do it from your bedroom. If you have a couch-cum-bed, pull it out so you can lay down and manage to watch your little ones making mischief.

5. Music For Relaxation:

If you are one of those types who thrive on music, then it makes a perfect healer. Soothing calm music, if that is.

6. DVDs Might Not Be A Bad Idea:

I am not one of those types who would want to strain my eyes when sick. We spend too much screen-time on our computers anyway. However, if you thought you could watch Mary Poppins (or any other favorite show) once again, I don’t think it’s a bad idea.

7. Ask For Help:

You are not belittling yourself by asking help. Ask your husband or partner first. Else don’t hesitate a dear friend or neighbor to come over for a while, so you don’t need to worry about really dozing off!

Mamas out there, don’t get so overworked that you fall sick. But if you do, then you have plenty many ways to deal with it.



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